Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Aprons

My Christmas aprons: this first one in bright apple green polished chintz with appliques belonged to my mother-in-law:
I can't even really remember where I got some of these others - guess I've had them awhile! This one is a semi-sheer fabric, I love the black stars in the background:
Poinsettias, pretty and bright:

I just love the fabric this one is made from:
And I love the trees, birds, and ornaments on this one, too:
This one is the smallest of the bunch, and it was the first one I ever got:
You know, a couple of them have a little stain or two - I don't mind - so they were used and loved by someone else before me. This last one is the most practical ( and the most used) of all- it belonged to my mother-in-law, as well. Terrycloth- now that's what I call a work apron!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

You put my Christmas aprons to shame! Yours are gorgeous! I can't decide which one is my favorite. Probably the one with the ornaments along the bottom or the one that you said was the smallest and your first. I love those two! I don't see many Christmas aprons but I think I need to try and start a colllection! :)
Merry Christmas, Lindsey

Annette said...

I really like the poinsettia apron. The first one is very nice too, guess it wasn't washed much, to retain its nice polished appearance. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I loved seeing your aprons. Every picture I came too, I thought I liked that one more than the last! They are all just beautiful. Lindsey showed a couple of her vintage Christmas aprons on our blog this weekend. Great minds think alike:) Merry Christmas, Twyla

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous - and perfectly pressed, I might add. Nice job! Barbara

Heidi Ann said...

Barbara- this is too funny! Pressed, you say? Thanks for noticing! You should have seen me yesterday - ironing and photographing aprons, and I'm going - What am I doing? I must be crazy - I have SO many other things I need to do- wrapping, baking, cleaning - crazy, I tell you! I like to post every day, and I really try - it's been a challenge this season! The things I do for my blog!

Holly said...

My favorite? The first apron you ever got. Reminds me of vitage gift wrap. :>

Anonymous said...

I love vintage aprons, I have 2 from my gran that I wear for Church nursary.
Your Christmas aprons tempted me to share my Christmas apron story.
I wear an apron every day as part of my uniform,(I work in domestic live in maid.
Last year, 2008, Ma'am decided to get me 2 Christmas themed aprons to wear during the festivel season. They are white with a green and red holly and bells motif. The length hem has a ruffle as well as the cross over shoulder straps. The ruffles is red with snow flakes on. I only wore them for serving / parties not for daily cleaning wear.
It was quiet a contrast from my usual pink/white check apron, I got a lot of comments how festive I looked.


Anonymous said...

I loved the Christmas themed aprons. We (two late teen daughters and I) favor full aprons over our dresses, the Edwardian apron also prairie pinafore aprons (plainly Dressed) are our main styles. We do have a couple of "company" aprons that are a little shorter and have ruffled hems and straps for doning when serving, after the "real" work is done. I think between us we must have twenty or so aprons, more than enough for visiting ladies who want to help out in the kitchen. Also we each have a Christian themed apron for Church bake days and the like. Aprons seem to be making a comeback, allbeit as a fashion statement instead of an exercise in practacality. We wear ours sunup to beddown.