Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, My Darling Clementine(s)

Somebody, please tell me - where have these little Cuties been all my life? My sister had a box of these last year, and she gave me some. That was my first encounter with them. So, when I saw them at the grocery store a few weeks ago, I had to have some. I love them! I'm not an orange-eater - never have been; not really sure why. We don't drink orange juice either. I love fresh fruit but I'm just more in to peaches, nectarines, plums, apples, pears, pomegranates and every berry I can possibly get my hands on. I eat fruit every day - but not oranges. Well, these little seedless, juicy, easy-to peel Clementines are wonderful. I'm hooked.
Even the box is cute:
California Clementines - so that got me thinking about the Miner 49er and his daughter Clementine. I managed to find two books that included lyrics for the old song. This page is from "104 Folk songs", 1964, compiled by Moses Asch. I definitely never knew all of these verses! I only have the song on one CD, and that's Bobby Darin's altogether different version (I love it - but then I am one of his biggest fans).
And then this next page is from a 1958 California state textbook "Music In Our Country". These lyrics have a few differences, and fewer verses for the children to learn.

Darling Clementines, indeed.


Annette said...

I love them too. I have a bag of them right now on the kitchen counter. I just got done reading a book where a character was named Clementine, after the song. I have never known a Clementine. Have you? Love T

Kim G. said...

They are great, Costco gets them every year if you are a member there you should look for them.