Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Irving Berlin's White Christmas

Years ago, one day at work, the question was posed: "What is your all-time favorite movie, if you could choose only one?". After going through numerous titles in my head, many of which are listed here on my blog, I concluded that I simply could not choose only one. My friend Denise said "Oh, I thought you would pick White Christmas!" This, because I had recently gone on about my sheet music collection, and my quest to find every song from the film in sheet music form.
Duh!! White Christmas! I hadn't thought of it, probably only because it's rather a seasonal film (although it's true that I can enjoy it any time of year). Yes - if I were truly pressed to choose - it would indeed be the film I would pick. I've written before on my blog about my love for Bing Crosby - and Danny Kaye. I feel the same way about Rosemary Clooney. All three of them in one movie? Heaven.
I LOVE Irving Berlin's music (and not only his songs in this film!)- truly he was an absolute treasure, one of our greatest and most prolific songwriters.
Thus far, in my search for the sheet music, just three of the song titles have eluded me. Shown in the next two pictures are the ones I have found:
I'm still searching!
On January 3rd of 2007, I was treated to a very special evening out, compliments of my two sisters. My ticket had been a birthday gift from them - and we went to see the musical play at the Community Center Theater in Sacramento. It was fabulous.
But you still can't beat Bing and the gang in the movie- you just can't! "May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white."
(P.S. Added on December 24th - It was on last night, and even though I have the video tape, I sat and watched it on ABC Family. No matter how many times I see it, I cry at the end when they all surprise General Waverly. Every time. I love it.)


Annette said...

Love the movie and the music. Can't wait until Christmas. I am hungry for a nice family meal at your dining room table. Love T

Celestial Charms said...

Isn't it great to have siblings that truly know and produce such a meaningful gift. That is rare and something to be cherished. As for Bing Crosby, I miss seeing his annual family Christmas specials that spanned for many years. That and the movie "White Christmas" were part of a more calm and gentler time.

colleen said...

I vote with you for White Christmas! My 19-year old daughter loves that movie too, and we watch it about 30 times a year--complete with singing and dancing! Great movie, great actors!

Dawn Gahan said...

We watched it last night. It is my all-time favorite movie. My daughter and I know every word to every song (and she can even recite most of the talking portions of the movie!).

This year I framed a reproduction of the movie poster (http://gahangirls.blogspot.com/2008/11/decorating-for-christmas.html).

Have a happy new year (even if it does mean that the decorations come down)!


barbara said...

My favorite, too - I think I know every lyric and line. I'm wishing for the play to come our way - a friend saw it last year and loved it. Hope you had a very merry Christmas, Heidi!

Holly said...

I LOOOOVE the Christmas gowns!

yosemite faith said...

its one of my faves as well but i also love holiday inn-the movie where white christmas was first introduced.