Friday, December 5, 2008

Remembering Walt

Remembering Walt - always - and especially today on his birthday. These are just a few books from my collection about this wonderful man. This one by Amy Boothe Green and Howard E. Green:

and this one edited by Russell Schroeder, full of photographs from the Walt Disney Archives:And another, The Musical World of Walt Disney (one of my favorite worlds!) by David Tietyen: And check this out! This is a picture taken at Disneyland in 1957 of one of my husband's best friends, Jose, and his mother when they MET WALT DISNEY!!!! I cannot even imagine how great it must be to have picture of yourself shaking his hand. How cool is that?
Happy Birthday, Mr. Disney - how fondly we remember you.


Annette said...

Great picture of Jose and his mom and Walt. Thanks for sharing it. Love T

Jose said...

That pic was taken near the Riverboats as I recall. You can make out the Pendleton Store in the background. Walt Disney was just standing there and we walked up to him. He was a total gentleman and was very friendly.