Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Stuff

I found these two tree toppers and the tin this past summer at a yard sale:

And these are some recent thrift store finds, below. The rotating tree stand was $2- it just needed new screws, and my husband got them for me at OSH. I've got plans for this baby that include a table-top tree with a mirror underneath as a base and small mirrored disco ball ornaments and old chandelier crystals. I like to pick up vintage Christmas tins for my collection when I find them for a decent price. I found another like the one above. I already had a larger size of the winter scene tin. My best buy was the vintage Shiny Brites box. The ornaments that were inside it weren't Shiny Brites nor are they very old , but the box itself was worth the price I paid and I'm always happy to find them. I like the graphics on old boxes so much that I'll display them on their own.
Another picture - I added the striped ornament (love those!), and the vintage card box held my mother-in-law's old Christmas card lists and some old cards. It is a large and pretty box that will be added to my decorations this year.
And this stuff is from K-Mart. We take an annual trek to our nearest K-Mart ( almost an hour away) every year specifically to see and buy some of the Martha Stewart collection of Christmas items. We didn't get a lot, but I always get some wrapping paper and bows. And I love the satin ribbon ornament hangers, the little black felt embroidered house ornament, the red and green felt blanket-stitched ribbon and the yellow wooden bell ornament. Oh, and we bought one more refrigerator dish in a size we didn't have already, too.
My husband told me he heard that Martha's contract with the retailer ends this year. I can't help wondering whether this could mean we will see a new Martha Stewart Collection at Walmart next season? I mean, she did start something with her craft line there this year. I'm just sayin'. We did get a few of K-Mart's own brands, too. I noticed that they have made nice improvements in the look of their own packaging. Sort of trying to make it look more like the pretty packaging on Martha's products. I was impressed.


Lorlore said...

Love all your Christmas stuff! I know you are working very hard to decorate for our Christmas at your house and I for one appreciate your dedication very much!! Love seeing all your collections displayed on this special day each year!! Thanks for your hard work!! Lorlore

Heidi said...

I have a red & a blue version of the tree topper in the first picture. I love the one you have that is red & silver!

I am so tempted to go to Kmart, but the only one nearby is in a very questionable part of town and it's quite a bit out of my way. I went last year to get some of those tiny ornies that looked like vintage kitchen utensils and I'm so curious to know if there's anything else worth making the trip for. I love the little house ornie you bought!

Anonymous said...

Completely jealous of the sparkly tree topper with the little spring on the bottom - my tree is decorated except for the top, and I didn't know exactly what I wanted. Now I do! Barbara

Annette said...

Okay, that did it, the tree starts to go up today. Love T

Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

Great "stuff"! I, too, made my pilgrmage to KMart for some Martha Stewart stuff. I bought the little sweets ornament for my pink tree in the kitchen. I loved all the bright colors of the ornaments you bought, but talked myself out of them, trying to stick with what I cam for. Ugghhh. Some self discipline at Christmas time is a good thing for me. I'll just enjoy yours!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I have and use the same spinning bottom you have!!!! I inherited mine from the hubs Grandmother,we use it every year! What a great deal!!! I wish there was a K-mart that close to us,but yeah,only at X-mas time for Marthas goodies!!!
I collect vintage X-mas tins too!

Heidi Ann said...

That's so cool that the one you have is from a family member! I am having fun setting it up, I'll have to see whether I'm able to get a photo when I'm done. My pictures are worthless.