Monday, December 29, 2008


I showed you my precious Pegasus brooch once before here on my blog. I have had him for many years, and I just thought he was a beautiful little thing when I found him! I didn't have any idea who made him. Well, much later, through Ebay, I guess - I was able to discover that he was made by Elzac. You can Google it and find out more than I will write about here. I even found that the patent for his design was dated 1943!:
I found this Twins pin, below at a barn sale a few months ago. Again - I knew I liked it and thought it was neat, but that's it. And then later I discovered - you got it - Elzac, again! Hmmm, no wonder it appealed to me when I saw it! I think I paid 50 cents:
But, when I found these next two a couple of weeks ago at a thrift store, together in a bag - I knew exactly what they were - Elzac! I love this rabbit with his little green Lucite ears and tail! His one ear might look chipped - it's not - he is perfect. Score!
And I haven't yet found an example quite like this little pup, but I'm virtually positive that he is an Elzac, as well. They made all different types of little embellishments and trims for the various styles of pins - his little ears seem to be some real type of fur or hair, and the red hats on the little twins above are leather :
I was SO excited to find those last two. Totally made my day. I love vintage jewelry, and the more unusual or unique, the better.


Celestial Charms said...

My daughter caught a glimpse of your blue pegasus pin and said, "Look Mommy, an old fashioned My Little Pony." It does actually remind me of that. The shade of blue is amazing. Where on earth do you keep all of your collections? Between the jewelry, records, and other treasures, I wouldn't know how to organize them...You must have either a large attic or a storage unit somewhere :-)

Annette said...

I have always loved your pegasus pin. The others are very cute too. How fun! Love T

Dawn Gahan said...

Did some digging around on ebay to look at other Elzac pins. My gosh, these things are quite collectible and their value is really high!

Scoring them for the prices you paid was a steal! I plan on keeping my eyes open for them at thrift stores.


Anonymous said...

You are, indeed, correct about your bunny brooch. It is an Elzac design. There were several different variations to the particular bunny, but you are correct about its attribution.