Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Wreaths

I am not really much of a crafter - but I do TRY sometimes. Last week, I managed to create some wreaths using vintage bits and pieces of Christmas trims and vintage floral supplies I got at an estate sale. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to take a decent photo to save my life - so I apologize for that! But, here they are - I took pictures inside, then I got a better brighter shot outside. Silver and green #1:

Silver and green #2:

and the red and gold one:

I kept it pretty simple. Would you believe this was my first time using a glue gun? Believe it. I think I'll try some more. But, for my first attempt, I was actually happy with how they turned out.


Annette said...

Very nice job. You are a whiz with the spray paint. You will become one with a glue gun too, I am sure. Love T

oodlesandoodles said...

You should be happy! I'm not too handy with the glue gun, either - I blame it on the gun, not me. Barbara

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your wreaths are beautiful! You should be very proud of them.
I certainely can identify with you about trying to get good pictures. It's such a hassle. They never turn out quite the way I want them.
Merry Christmas, Lindsey