Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Christmas Home - Collections

A few more glimpses of Christmas at our house - this time focusing mostly on some of my collectibles. What you see in the first two photos are the shelves in our entertainment center, which I empty out and replace what it usually there with most of my vintage angels and carolers. The left side:
and the right side (oh, and some of my vintage hankies lie beneath):
The Holt Howard Santa dish and the napkin holder shown below belonged to my mother-in-law. Last week, I found the salt and pepper shakers and the bell-ringer Santa (not HH), at a thrift store for $5 - I was thrilled- I've been watching them on Ebay for years! Nowadays, the shipping alone would be more than that!
My red hutch in the sunroom - this year I took (nearly) everything out and replaced it all with Christmas, or at least Christmas colors. Some favorites - the little Tasha Tudor mug, Santa mugs, the matching tin and tray, vintage Poinsettia glassware:
The bottom shelf in the same hutch, with racks of Christmas glassware, shelves lined with vintage linens, more Poinsettia glasses,and some of my green glass:
It took me YEARS, but I finally managed to collect enough of my favorite glasses, the forest green "Open Sleigh" by Anchor Hocking, so that I can place one at every setting for a big Christmas dinner. I collected the Charm pattern and other ruby red and forest green dishes also, which I use with simple white plates, and vintage silver at the Christmas table.


Celestial Charms said...

Heidi Ann,
Your Santas are great. I really admire how you were able to use your vintage hankies as well. All of your collections in this post are wonderful. Christmas at your home must be such a cozy time of year. After the hustle and bustle, of course. Thanks also for the lovely thoughts you posted on my blog the other day. I always enjoy my visits to your blog, especially because you take the effort practically every day to post such loveliness.

Annette said...

Gosh darn it and gee willikers, you are making me want it to be Christmas. I can't wait to see all the pretty baubles in person! Thanks Maureen for your very nice comments to my sis. I wish you could see her home in person, it is a delight. See you soon Heidi Ann. Lov T

Lorlore said...

Love it, Love it!! Can't wait, can't wait!! What a delight for my 3 year old grandson to see!! Don't worry, we'll watch him like a hawk!! Lori

barbara said...

I love your little knick-knacks! Those little Holt Howard creations are the best. I got your message (via etsy) and looked back on the comments - LOL! You could really, really tell! I used to show my apron collection to groups, and when I realized it was 30 minutes of talking and three hours of ironing, I stopped! No matter how long it took you, at least someone noticed!

bella shabby said...

Hello , Thanks for visiting my blog , I add you to my blog list. Thanks for linking me and for the sweet compliment. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Sue

Kim G. said...

Love this post Heidi Ann! I adore the vintage carolers and angels. Your red hutch is fabulous and those glasses are so cool! My Mom has neat old glasses with fish and creels on them at the cabin. I think your drink tastes better in a favorite glass!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I am drooling as I read this!!!!! So delicious is your collection!! We have a few of the same tiny figures!
...but I LOVE those fabby green sleigh glasses!

Dave said...

Heidi, I see The Andy Williams Christmas Album peeking out from behind one of the shelves. That's our family's number one Christmas favorite of all time! We have it on CD and play it constamtly in the car this time of year, singing along till we're hoarse.

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!