Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day: Rainbows and Golden California Poppies

Top o' the morning to you. Gold Country Sister Tina here to wish you a very happy, green and golden St. Patrick's Day.

At the end of our rainbow today is the lovely field of golden California poppies which cover the rocky South-facing hillsides above the South Fork of the American River here in Kelsey, California. All through the Gold Country along the rivers you will find these glowing pockets of loveliness. Take a drive along Highway 49 and enjoy, the beauty is fleeting, and the time to see them is now!
May you always follow rainbows and find your pot of gold.


Heidi Ann said...

Those pictures are so gorgeous, I want to take a drive RIGHT NOW!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

yosemite faith said...

i have been hearing on twitter that the poppies are really out this year! sounds like a beautiful start to a new season. great photos!!