Saturday, March 20, 2010


To welcome the arrival of spring, I wanted to share these sweet little birds from my collection - Momma and her babies in their nest:
And two rather inquisitive-looking little warblers on a branch - no doubt wondering what spring will bring?
This brightly colored floral jacket says spring to me, as well. It was free at a thrift store last year. It doesn't even fit me very well, and I'm not sure I'll ever even wear it - but the fabric was so lovely, I couldn't leave it sitting there! They were having their "clear out for the season" sale, and everything outside the store was free. I got the pink floral pin at another thrift store:
And don't the pretty appliqued pansies on this pillow cover seem just right for the season, as well? (Another thrift find.)

I will leave you this morning with two sweet images from a 1967 Hallmark book with illustrations by Merrily Mihel:
Wishing you sunshine and showers,
..and gladness and flowers!
Happy spring to you!


Tina Dawn said...

And you have a lovely spring day too Heidi. Love T

yosemite faith said...

love your birdies. i hear via twitter that wildflowers will be really great this season in the gold country.