Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday Girls

It's our Grandma Nettie's birthday today, and it's also Barbie's birthday - so here is a picture of the birthday girls:

If we were still lucky enough to have Grandma with us, she would have been 105 today! She's in the yellow dress in the photo below. That's me behind her, and clockwise around from there to the front are Lori, cousin Lisa, Grandpa, Aunt Gisela, Uncle Dwayne, and Mother. This photo was taken in 1969 or 1970:
Happy birthday, Grandma, and Barbie - you, too!


Lorlore said...

Happy Birthday Grandma and Barbie!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

How fitting that Grandma and Barbie would have the same birthday, since she used to have all those MIB items in her closet from Barbie and Ken and lived in the same town Barbie was born in. You and Lori are both so cute, and I loved seeing Aunt Gisela. Love T

yosemite faith said...

ahhh grandma was the one with all the barbies?! tina is correct - how fitting that they share the same birthday.