Saturday, March 27, 2010

Decorating Easter Eggs

There are so many different ways to decorate Easter eggs, aren't there? Dye them with packaged dye and vinegar, with natural plant dyes, or use old silk ties like Martha showed us a while back, blow the egg out and paint them or make something with them, make sugar eggs with little panoramic scenes inside, buy candy eggs ( but which type to choose? To heck with choosing, just get them all!), and use them in your decorating scheme -
the possibilities are endless, really. The wonderful and colorful ideas in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living are to "dye" for!

There are some rather unusual ideas in this 1950's Family Circle magazine article:

And there are more great ideas in the current issue of Family Circle Magazine, too:
And don't forget beaded and beribboned eggs like these that were available as kits from Walco in 1972:

Or maybe you would rather choose gorgeous brightly dyed eggs like the ones in this old advertisement for McCormick/Schilling food coloring:

Here is a cute little Paas ad from the back of an old magazine. Did you know they've been around for more than 125 years?
I checked online with Harry and David, and they don't offer anything like these anymore - I wonder why not? I like the idea. Maybe I could even make some of my own.....
You know, I like a nice hard-boiled egg as well as the next person - good old egg salad and all that. But I think if I were going to choose my FAVORITE kind of decorated egg, it would be THESE:
Fabulous, decadent chocolate See's eggs are what I want, what I really really want.....


Tina Dawn said...

I think I will take the food coloring or Paas eggs. I like the colors, and the smell of the vinegar rising to the nostrils as you dip them. The liquid always looks so pretty in the cups. But the Sees Candy looks pretty yummy. My hubby makes the most delicious deviled eggs, so I hope we decorate some just to have them around for that! Love T

yosemite faith said...

john loves deviled eggs. his mom made great ones. you know of my love affair with see's. there was a great easter egg segment on the today show friday. placing somethin on the egg (leaf or a sprig of something) and covering it in old hosiery - twisting it tight and dipping - really turned out 'martha' worthy eggs. i remember her segment with the ties - very cool.

Midcenturymadam said...

Yes I'm with you...See's please! Hope you are feeling better.