Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another Ole! Ad

I recently found this advertisement from The Stanley Furniture Company - that I don't believe I've ever seen before - and which just happens to include two pieces of my favorite furniture EVER, the Ole collection ( along with other styles from Stanley's line):
You cannot even have any idea how excited I get when I find a new photograph in a vintage magazine that features "my" furniture!
I bought some magazines at Mountain Treasures (where we have our booth), and didn't even know this was inside.
I was pretty tickled to turn the page and see it.
"If you want a sassy bedroom, you can have it".
I do! I want a sassy bedroom! I want that Ole twin bed and the little matching nightstand!
Well, okay - I DO already have the bed - in yellow.
But, still.
"If everyone liked the same thing, wouldn't life be dull?"
You said it, Stanley.
And I like your Ole furniture collection. 
I like it a LOT.


Tina Dawn said...

Very cute. I like that arched cabinet quite a bit too. Love T

Shelly said...

Interesting! I'm curious do you know what years it was made? I know there was a trend of "spanish" type style things at some mid-century point (all the matador artwork, shields, etc. maybe from '60s-70s?), but I don't know what years the stuff really trended… Any ideas?

Also, I noticed the Ole HUTCH on your previous Ole posts. The arches on top of it are very similar to a hutch & dresser set I bought from Craigslist, which is marked 'El Chico by Kent-Coffey'. I can't find anything about it online… it's not as colorful as Ole, but it's cute too!