Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lounge Chair Road Trip No. 2 - Highway 50

Hubby is home from the hospital, it has been a just a bit over two weeks since his hip replacement surgery, and he has had a couple of outings, but can't drive yet. So we are still kicked back, he on his bed and I in my lounge chair, and since we are getting tired of watching movies, we are taking another road trip up Highway 50. There is a lot to see!

A quick stop at Fresh Pond, above Pollock Pines, top off our coffee and maybe grab a donut or two.  This old place above is no longer there, but there is a gas station and a store. 

Too bad it is too early for a drink, Pacific House is a great stop with that in mind. Hubby can say hi to an old friend, he once delivered beer here, around thirty years ago.  Sadly, a fire has severely damaged this wonderful old rock building. How I wish I could restore each and every one of the old Highway 50 road houses!

Bridal Veil Falls is a beautiful spot, the falls is across Highway 50 from the South Fork of the American River, and at the picnic area along the river you can swim. I have many old postcards showing the falls. My son is quite fond of this place.


Whitehall, up close to the road as most of our stops, just pull off, jump out and enjoy!  The building is still standing but sits sadly waiting for someone to rescue it.

Wasn't it thoughtful for the builders of all these old places to put them so close to the road? My hubby can hoist himself out of the armchair and hobble forward with his walker, and belly up to the bar much quicker that way.  Above is the little community of Silver Fork. It is named after the river, however, not cutlery.

We arrive in Kyburz for a spot of lunch with an ice cream chaser, admire Sugar Loaf rock, and decide that is it for our road trip today. On the eve of spring, the weather is wonderful and the mountains smell fresh. This was just what we needed.


lorlore said...

I sure like these 'lounge chair road trips', let's go again soon!!!!!

Heidi Ann said...

Enjoyed the trip! Perhaps we should do it for real one of these days?!

Jim J said...

Did you know Fred's Place, just above the 5000 ft altitude sign, Tina? In the '50s & early '60s we used to play in the snow at Little Norway (it wasn't what it is now -- it was little cabins & toboggan & sled runs & hot cocoa). Sierra at Tahoe was down more westward, I think, and at the summit was Nebelhorn to play in the snow (don't know if it was called Nebelhorn then). I didn't ski until the '60s. Often went to a single chair-lift new slope called Heavenly Valley. LOL The road has changed lots up high (Phillips). I explore for old things. Someone who worked there many years ago told me where to find parts of the old road. Oh, so much fun. (My enthusiasm for such things easily bores folks, but the same enthusiasm makes them reluctant to say so. Ha!) Love, Jim in Cedar Grove

Kenneth Arlen said...

Tina Thank you for the trip down memory lane! Used to be a temp at SMUD for 6 months and would stop at Fresh Pond for coffee and a doughnut before work.Your picture is the way I remember the building!