Saturday, March 8, 2014

Clocks And Walls

I found the two prints I am sharing with you today months apart at the same thrift store, oddly enough.
 I cannot quite make out the name of the artist, and I wish I could, because I love this funky style from the 1960's.
 I love bright colors and unusual things, so I had to have this when I saw it. I mean, it has a paisley bathtub!
 It had been in a frame, and I suspected it was from a vintage calendar. When I took it out to look at the back, I saw that it was indeed part of a calendar - from 1967. Love it.
   This gentleman with the lovely moustache is NOT cleaning his clock the correct way, as you can see.
 The correct way is described at the bottom of the page.
I went back to the same store more recently, and I walked back to the very back of the store. I had not gone that far back before, as it is a work area except for a dressing room, and I have never needed to try anything on there. But I saw something - and I'm not sure it was even there the last time I was in the store.
 The "Walls" print was hanging on the wall at the back of the hall. Just up there, all by itself.
It was in a frame, as well, with no price tag on it.
It was almost too high for me to reach, but I got it down and took it up to the front.
 "Is this for sale", I asked.
"How much?"
"A buck."
And this one tells you how to clean papered walls.
Oh, how I wish I had the entire calendar to tell me the proper way to clean anything and everything (or at least twelve things, anyway), with fabulous illustrations !
Obviously, somebody else liked these two enough to save them, frame them, and keep them around for forty-seven years. So I wonder what happened to the rest of the pages?
 Someone else found them in a thrift store, I guess.
And, by the way, since we are talking about "Clocks" and "Walls" - and who wasn't? - get your clocks off the walls or wherever else they are, and don't forget to set them ahead tonight (if necessary)!
A gentle reminder, in living color.

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Tina Dawn said...

Thanks for the reminder, it seems so early that I keep forgetting about it. I am not sure I will be cleaning my clocks and walls in these ways soon. I am just out of parafine oil and hubby eats the bread up before it gets stale! Love T