Monday, March 24, 2014

More Vintage Vera Neumann Sheets - In An Ad From May Co.

Yes, more Vera.
 Because you know I  simply HAVE to show you when I find these things!
This time, it's an advertisement from an issue of the Los Angeles Times Home Magazine I found recently. It's from the summer of 1970. I remember reading these Home magazines when we would go visit our grandparents in Hawthorne, California. I loved looking through them just as much as I did the old Better Homes and Gardens magazines.
Vera's new sheets from Burlington house were on sale at the May Co. department store, and I wish I could go back in time and buy dozens of them, in every colorway!

 Believe me, if I ever find any of THESE patterns in a thrift store, you can bet I will let you know.
 (I'm sure I could probably find some of them on eBay - haven't had the time to search!)


Tina Dawn said...

I remember May Co. very well, at the South Bay Shopping Center in Torrance. It is where I bought my wedding dress. To think I could have also bought these sheets! Go ahead and go back in time and buy them. I think you could afford them all at $2 per sheet! I like the poppies pattern the best. Great post!

Anonymous said...

anyone know who owns the licenses for Vera Neumann and whether they will bring any into production? I love the Vera green fern sheets/material. I'd love to see this in production again.