Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wild Turkeys, Wild Poppies, and My Pets Enjoying Spring

Spring is sprung, and around Kelsey that means the turkeys are getting their groove on.
 The big handsome boys are strutting their stuff.
 The hens are all for it.
 Check out the tail fan dances.
Can the little chicks be far behind?
 The poppies between our home and Coloma are glowing on the slopes above the river.
 The view from our front porch, living and dining rooms, and two bedroom windows can't be beat.
 The best time for viewing is about 3:00 pm on a sunny spring day.
 Due to low river levels because of the drought, not many rafters or kayakers are viewing this wonder this year.
 My animals didn't want the turkeys to have all the glory today, so they posed for me. Ishi on the front porch steps.
 Luna on the porch railing.
 Cheshire Cat on the temporary bed for still recuperating hubby in the living room.
And Robbi in the living room wishing you all a happy spring.

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Heidi Ann said...

That first turkey photo is a stunner! And of course, I also love the California Poppies, and your adorable pets, too!