Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shades Of Orange In Vintage Room Decor

First of all today, we have a bright and beautiful kitchen featuring Armstrong flooring, from a vintage advertisement I found in one of my magazines.
 I think I'd like cooking in this kitchen:
We have orange on the shelving unit, the sofa, and in the painting, below.
 And there's even an ukelele ready to go and a set of bongo drums - let's play!
An orange fireplace. I mean, come on - what more do you want?
 Oh, maybe just some orange fringed trim on the drapes and furniture, and some fabulous ceramic mushrooms.
Yep, I think that'll do it:
A circus-themed bedroom is the last picture I have for you today.
It's lively and vibrant and ready for sleep or play:
Pretty cute.


Diane said...

Whatever happened to color in decorating???

Tina Dawn said...

Orange, my favorite color. Thanks for brightening up my morning! Love T