Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Found: Vintage Bookends

I have shown you some of my vintage bookends before, back in 2008.
I have a few cute pairs of deer (click here to see that post).
 But, I have found some more recently. Hey - we have LOTS of books to hold up in this house!
 (You have NO idea!)
The first bookend here was made by Fitz And Floyd. I didn't find a pair of these,  just the one.
  That's all right with me - this lovely one can certainly stand on it's own!
I was happy to find this vintage daisy pair on Etsy:
One of them has a little flaw; I don't mind it:
 The metal stands for the new daisies also work for these:
 I've had these orange and yellow flowered ones for a while - I always KNEW they were meant to be bookends!
Now, I just need to find a second pair of the metal stands that stick inside, so I can use both pairs!
I'm optimistic about my chances.
Not quite as attractive as the others above, and yet very useful nonetheless, are this next pair.
These are just simple blue vinyl with sort of a Greek key design stamped on in gold - basic, but they still look nice - and they do the job they were meant to do.
There's always room for another nice set of bookends around here, believe me.
The better to hold up your books with, my dear!


Love Of The Hunt said...

I am glad you liked the daisy bookends! Sorry again about the crazy delay--stupid mail!

I knew I recognized your name as a blog as well :)

Jill said...

They are so colourful, really pretty!!

Heidi Ann said...

Yes, I love my daisy bookends - thank you so much!

Tina Dawn said...

Very nice, I love the daisy ones. You will find the metal ones, we used tons of them where I used to work, so I know they are out there! Love T