Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sierra Nevada House, Revisited

I was tickled to find this last week at one of my local thrift shops:
It's a George Mathis print of the Sierra Nevada House in Coloma, California. All three of the Gold Country Girls worked there as waitresses back in the 1970's, and I have written about it before. Also, Tina just posted recently about some of his Miner's Cabin sketches. This print was in a (funky) frame, and everything in the store was half price, so I got it for less than a dollar. Cool! (No, Cool is actually a little further up the road...local joke....).
Anyway - the odd thing about this is that it says on it that Sierra Nevada House III, pictured, is in Nevada City. Nope, it's in Coloma - different town, different county - and "Friday House" the artist's studio, was also right in Coloma, just up the road, so it seems rather an odd error for someone to have made, but, as we know, everybody makes mistakes, so whatever, right?
I was just happy that I found it, regardless of what it says on it. I mean, I know where it is - we used to work there,after all!

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Tina Dawn said...

It is possible he signed the print when he was getting older, and was having a senior moment! I think it makes it worth even more. What a wonderful find! Love T