Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"It's New... It's Fun... Coordinate Rooms And Fashions", Circa 1965

In all of the best homes of the day, the ladies of the house enjoyed having skirts that matched their window treatments.
Or at least, that's how it appears.
In my first photo today, (and I do wish it were not the only one in color!), the caption reads "Richly colored cotton print by Everlast provides a beautiful window treatment. An extra two yards of fabric becomes a coordinated floor-length skirt for evening entertaining at home."
If the evening entertaining at home included guests, I am certain all of the women were envious when they arrived, and went home wishing that they, too had clothing that matched THEIR curtains.
 And below, a "colorful kitchen print by Thibault is used for apron with a scalloped and trimmed edge to match cornice."
 In the example below, the dress actually came first, as you can see in the caption:
(In my next scan, I accidentally cut off part of the caption. sorry - still trying to figure out how to scan again after computer updates were done by my stepson! Everything changed!)
 It should read:
 "Family room below has beige corduroy Roman Shades with a gold and yellow....
And last of all,  "The ever popular gingham check was used in this young girl's room {below} for brief cafe curtains and a matching shade.
 The extra yardage was quilted and made into a bathrobe with ball fringe collar and cuffs to match shade."
(All images and descriptions, including the post title, which was also the title of the article, are from a booklet "1001 Decorating Ideas", published by Conso Products, Inc.)
So everyone - please remember this next time you have fabric left over from your new window treatments.
Waste not, want not!


Tina Dawn said...

Fascinating! I have a small collection of clothing made out of the begonia leaf pattern bark cloth of my drapes. Great post sis! Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh this is funny! It reminds me of the Carol Burnett skit where she uses the drapes as her gown in Gone With the Wind:) Twyla

EM said...

But if you change clothes, you have to redo the living room! On the other hand, if your party is a bust, you can just go stand in front of the drapes and no one will be able to find you.