Monday, November 3, 2014

Death Comes To Pemberley

 Did anybody else watch?
 When I first heard about this two-part series of the P. D. James novel "Death comes To Pemberley" based on Jane Austen's characters from "Pride and Prejudice", there was no question in my mind that I would be watching.
I mean, this type of program is right up my alley!
I certainly do love a P.D. James mystery brought to life on PBS, and I have been watching Masterpiece Mystery for many, many years.
 I am really enjoying it. I haven't quite finished watching yet, since I actually went to bed before it was over last night.
 I'll probably finish watching it this evening.
Coincidentally, just a few days after I watched part one on October 26th, I came across this copy of the book by P.D. James at a thrift store:
For fifty cents, I wasn't going to pass it up!
From the dust jacket of the book:
 "A rare meeting of literary genius: P. D. James, long among the most admired mystery writers of our time, draws the characters of Jane Austen's beloved novel "Pride And Prejudice" into a tale of murder and emotional mayhem."
"Inspired by a lifelong passion for Austen, P. D. James masterfully re-creates the world of Pride And Prejudice, electrifying it with the excitement and suspense of a brilliantly crafted crime story, as only she can write it." 
I haven't read it yet, but I will.
 (Yes, so I'm doing it backwards - watch the series, then read the book. Whatever. Sorry.)
Here is the picture of the author from the back cover:
Doesn't she look lovely in her pretty blazer and scarf? I feel fairly certain that the scarf is vintage. I think it's gorgeous.
I have some similar scarves that are paisley, but they're packed away.
So, I decided to dress Penny up in a jacket I got at a thrift store and one of the other long, vintage fringed scarves I have that reminds me of the one P.D. James is wearing in the photo.
 This red, white and blue number will have to do:
 P.D. James - I think you are marvelous!
And kudos to PBS Masterpiece Mystery, as well - always classic, always fabulous!

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Tina Dawn said...

I haven't watched it yet, I DVR'd it and am looking forward to watching it, as I read the book as soon as it came out. I have always been a big fan of P.D.James and have read all her novels and watched the PBS adaptations also. Love T