Friday, November 14, 2014

Disney's Little Golden Books

I have been collecting vintage Disney Little Golden Books for quite some time.
So, when I saw this beautiful new book by Charles Solomon at Disneyland this past summer, I had to get it!
"The Art Of The Disney Golden Books"......
It's a GORGEOUS book, and the perfect addition to go along with my collection!
I also have other books about these wonderful vintage books for children, including Warman's Field Guide.
I've written about the guides before.
And I found the completely blank Little Golden Book you can also see below at a thrift store. I don't know anything about those. I imagine they were made so that a child (or adult!) could create their own little book?
 Cool idea.
You can see four of the great vintage Little Golden Books in this vintage advertisement, below:
 I happen to have those four, also - as you can see in my photo below - but I'm afraid I had to pay more than fifty cents for mine:
But that's only because I didn't have a package coupon from 3-Minute Oats to send in back in the 1960's to get them......
Inside this edition of Tomart's Disneyana from 1996, they have pages showing all (or most?) of the Disney Little Golden Books that had been published up until that time:
  Here is a scan of the first page of them shown in the magazine:
Here is a photo of some of mine:
I don't have every single one, but I do have most of them (only a portion of my collection is shown - I couldn't quite handle laying all of them out like that - but you get the idea, I would imagine?)
So, perhaps you can understand why I felt that I needed to have this book....

I truly did.
And, by the way - it cost me nothing, since I purchased it with what I love to call my "Free Disney Money" (rewards points earned by using the Disney Chase Visa Card.)
 It just doesn't get much better than that.


Tina Dawn said...

Great book and great collection! Donald Duck's Toy Train is one of my very favorites. I also am reminded I would sure love to see Peter and the Wolf again. Love T

Diane said...

Great book! Very nice collection you have too. I have the blue Xmas book with Santa on the cover. It's been mine since the 60s. It no longer has the cover, I loved it so much!

Jill said...

I`ve never seen that Disney book before - looks very interesting!!!

Sunnyana said...

Would love to see this book! Little Golden Books were always my favorites but none of mine survived past all my younger siblings. Years ago I started purchasing any of the ones I used to have when I could find them. The Santa's Toy Shop is one I especially remember from when I was very young.