Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pumpkin Pie

Ah, good old pumpkin pie, the traditional Thanksgiving dessert.
Is it traditional at YOUR family dinner?
 Do you ALWAYS have it?
And I mean - whether or not you like it personally, is it always available for everyone else?
We like it (my husband LOVES it) and I don't ever make it except for at the holidays. I'm not sure why, I just don't.

How many pies do YOU make?
Is it traditional in your family to have a number of different types?
What kinds?
And for how many people?
 We are generally a fairly small group for dinner, so I do not normally make more than one.
I love apple, and I wouldn't mind having other kinds, but it's really not a good idea.
The last thing I need around here are two or more leftover pies hanging around, tempting me.
Pie isn't something I have an easy time resisting, you see.
Neither is anything else sweet, now that I think about it.
Maybe I'd better not think about it too much.........


Annette said...

ALWAYS have pumpkin pie. However, we buy them at Costco. No other pies around here, that's it!

Tina Dawn said...

We had Costco pumpkin pies at the Shakespeare Luncheon last Tuesday. Very good! Love T

Sunnyana said...

We always have pumpkin and sometimes apple or something else if we have enough people. My mom used to always make the pumpkin pie but the last few years she has bought them. (She's 85!) I've never tried but since I now do all the other cooking, pie is her contribution to our meal.

Melanie said...

We always have pumpkin pie. My dad always made it when I was growing up, and I didn't like it. My husband makes it and I love it! But I still don't like my dad's. :( Also, when I was growing up, my great-grandmother always made a chocolate pie with meringue. Ohmygosh!!! So delicious.