Wednesday, November 19, 2014

El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce Mixer at the Cary House, Placerville

As the 2014 El Dorado Rose I get to attend many fun events. One of those is the monthly Chamber Mixer. This month, last night in fact, it was held at the Cary House Hotel on Main Street in Placerville.

Suzanne, Anita and I dressed in our finery and enjoying some of the great food.

Hubby comes along when he can, he always seems to know more people than I do, and he likes the food and the large assortment of beer to choose from!

Last night I enjoyed delicious bread pudding, done the old fashioned way, with whipped cream on top, very nicely prepared potato wedges with ranch dressing, scrumptious meatballs with marinara sauce, and a few other treats. There were more desserts but I stuck to the bread pudding.

We had great music, the banjo payer works at the motel. I unfortunately did not get the name of the group. They were rocking!

Below, my friend Leslie.

And my friend Mimi. She recently lost her husband Henry, who grew up in Placerville and went to El Dorado High School a few years before the Gold Country Girls. Rest in peace, Henry, you are missed.

When it was time to leave, I had to stop for a minute and enjoy the stained glass windows that my friend Wendy designed and made for the lobby. I was lucky to be able to take classes from her about 25 years ago. Unfortunately the stained glass piece I made, of tulips, fell from a window one stormy day and was broken beyond repair.

Above, the covered wagon depicts summer, about the only time of year to really try to cross the Sierras.

Winter, and deer drinking at the not-quite-frozen river.

Fall (sorry for the flash reflection) with the geese heading south and a patchwork of fields.

Cool green spring and a rainbow. This always reminds me of the Cold Springs area.

If you get a chance to visit the Cary House, whether to spend the night or visit their new gift shop (to open soon) you should take it!


lorlore said...

Looks like a fun evening!!! Love the windows!!! I also took a stained glass class years ago and will take up that hobby again in the future, still have all supplies!!!!

Sheryl said...

Looks like a lovely evening the the windows are spectacular.

Heidi Ann said...

I need to visit The Cary House again.
Although it has changed considerably since I worked in the restaurant at the back many years ago, I will always love that fabulous old place! This was a wonderful post, Tina - I loved it!

moonshinejunkyard said...

I had no idea you were this year's Rose! How wonderful. This looked like a lot of fun; and I am now inspired to go inspect those gorgeous stained glass pieces again! Darin and I spent our first married night at the Cary House, and of course it is so close to Bookery, it's easy to pop in.