Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Junkee" Jewelry

Lori and I got to spend a wonderful weekend with a friend in Sparks and Reno, Nevada.
One of my favorite stops that we made  (in Reno) was the Junkee Clothing Exchange, a delightful shop that carries "Recycled Clothing and Affordable Antiques".
Check out their cool marquee:
The jewelry display in one of the glass cases in the store is the most fabulous array I have EVER seen.
I loved the vintage clocks, too:
 Bangles and bracelets and brooches:
 Such a beautiful, colorful array:
 Seriously - I was enthralled with this display.
I simply HAD to try and snap some photos.
I told one of the gals who worked there that I could stand there and stare at it all day!
 Glorious vintage jewelry in virtually every color of the rainbow!
Whoever created this arrangement is surely a very talented person, and they certainly do have some seriously gorgeous pieces for sale!
I couldn't get a name or a booth number out of the people. Just walk in the door on the "antiques" side of the store, and go straight back and to the left.
 I'm sorry my pictures aren't that great.
But I think you get the general idea.
It was splendid, to say the very least.


lorlore said...

Just like a rainbow!!!! Love it!!!

Tina Dawn said...

Looks like you re riding through the jewels on Pirates of the Caribbean! Love T

Sheryl said...

What a treat for the eyes.

Diane said...

Love the enamel flower pins. It's been ages since I've seen any in person. Thanks for posting!

Valerie Selander said...

Hello… Im the antique dealer that put together the colorful jewelry display. It is my favorite display! I'm truly happy that others get to enjoy it. As I sell pieces, I try to replace them with other colorful pieces. I loved looking at your pictures and comments. Thanks for the great reviews.

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, Valerie - I cannot even tell you how delighted I am that you found my post! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and thank you SO very much for taking the time to comment! The next time I am in Reno, I hope to be able to go back to Junkee and have another look. I loved the whole shop, but your display was most definitely my favorite in the store.

Valerie Selander said...

Junkee is truly a unique store. The owner sells all the clothing and costumes, and she rents space to about 25 antique dealers and artists. We work very hard to keep it interesting. I hope you get a chance to visit us again!