Friday, November 28, 2014

Running Studio Gift Cards

I have loved these small gift cards ever since Mother gave them to me going on forty years ago:
I thought they were so nice and so pretty that I saved them, and back when I had no ornaments for my tree,
 I made them into ornaments.
You can see the holes where I poked a hanger through.
I am glad I still have them, with her signature inside - so very sweet:
They were silk screened, and made by Running Studio.
I was delighted to come across a lot of them on eBay a while back.
I wanted to show you each example I have - first up, a sweet little angel with a tree for you:
Brightly-colored mushrooms:
They are small gift enclosure cards, measuring just 1&1/2 by 2 inches,
and each came with it's own envelope, as you can see.
Veggies and flowers:
 Aren't they pretty?
A bee, and a little belle with a bonnet......
Next, we have a lovely little candle:
And candy canes and cones for the holiday:
Here is their little logo on the back:
They are such well-made, attractive and artistic little cards; I think they are very special.


Tina Dawn said...

They are special, I love to see Mother's signature, it is like a hug from the past. I really like the card with the pine cones and holly. Love T

Georgia Peachez said...


Diane said...

They are very artistic and such nice colors! They sure take me back!

Jill said...

They are so sweet!!!

Unknown said...

What is the history of the studio?