Saturday, November 1, 2014

Finally, Some Rain!

Well, it rained last night, (which certainly put a "damper" on things for the trick-or-treaters),
and it's raining again this morning!
I'm sorry that the kids had to endure a rather soggy Halloween night, but the fact that we are getting some of the wet stuff makes me very happy, since we need it so badly here in the California foothills!
Maybe I should go for a walk and splash around in puddles like these children?
As Shirley Temple sang:
"Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; how about a week with every day a pitter-patter day?
 I wouldn't complain."


Tina Dawn said...

Yes we needed the rain! It sure does smell great outside. Love T

Anusha Wickramasinghe Wijetunga said...

We need the rain sooooo badly it's ridiculous. But the showers did let up enough on Halloween night for some trick-or-treating, yay! We even had some brave little souls trick-or-treating despite the rain!