Saturday, November 15, 2014

Models Revisited Susan Dey

Here I am with yet another post dedicated to the lovely Susan Dey, who was one of my favorite models back in the 1970's.
First up, here she is on the cover of Simplicity Fashion News:
And next, in an advertisement for "The Red Eye", from Seventeen Magazine:
Another from the fashion pages of Seventeen:
Sporting that western look:
Rockin' a scarf:
And a fringed vest - with another scarf:
The next two were from an advertisement for Samsonite and Bobbie Brooks (clothing). Cute clothes!
I would like one of those pink Samsonite bags, please.......
And yes, I'm at it again with the snapping photos of the TV screen - here she is, below, in an episode of The Partridge Family.
I really enjoyed watching this show again while it was on a while back. I recorded as many of them as I could, and I think I may still have a few that I need to watch yet!
 I enjoy seeing the fashions of "the day" worn by Miss Dey on the show:
Here she is with her sister Leslie Dey, from a Seventeen article:
And that is all for today.
I'd imagine I will do another post about her in the future, but I have some other favorite models that I will also "revisit" first!


Tina Dawn said...

Gosh she was skinny! Love T

Jill said...

She was so pretty!!!

The Partridge Family was my all time fave - a few years ago I bought the DVD`s - ready for watching anytime!!

Diane said...

I was a Partridge Family fan too. Loved Susan and David. Like that last photo. I didn't know about her sister. Interesting!

Sunnyana said...

One of my favorite models. Most of these pictures look familiar. I especially remember the one with her sister. I love it when you post old Seventeen magazine pictures.

Lon W. said...

Am just surfing around. I like to leave comments because they are nice when my blog about nothing receives one. Those images above are quite a nice group of finds. She is imprinted on a certain age group (mine- don't tell) because of the Partridge Family Show. Am a guy so I am quite happy to say she certainly is a beauty. A woman. She must be doing something right because in my opinion she looks great. Just got through surfing her images on Google. Would be nice if we all had health and an active longevity. At the very least to enjoy lessons learned, hey?
What about the Danny character actor? He has been in the news a couple of times in the last decade. Hmmm.
I like this blog.