Wednesday, November 5, 2014

From Sunsets to Rainbows

Good morning, Tina here. 

Here in Kelsey, as in most of the Gold Country, we are enjoying fall, finally! Crisp almost frosty nights, that "smells like camping" whiff of wood smoke you get when you stand out on the front porch, spectacular colors in the sunsets - with real honest-to-goodness clouds that mean business, and the much longed for rain!

One morning, before the time change, I slept in a bit, after a crazy heavy night of rain. I got up, eyes still gravelly, kind of sorry it was morning, and stepped out on the front porch with my cup of strong black french roast.

 A rainbow! A DOUBLE rainbow! The whole new day glowed with a golden promise.

It seemed to touch down on the river, aware that's where the gold was...

The neighbors' houses across the river were gilded.

Oh, excuse me, I think I'll gather together my gold pan and little shovel. Follow that leprechaun!

These glowing miracles lasted for almost an hour. We were in awe, I let my coffee go cold as I snapped photos.

The dry world was fresh again, the very air rejoiced.

There was power in the light, this was the day that we could accomplish anything!

I am going to find that pot of gold one of these days, I know it is out there very close by.

Fall is here now, the rainbow brought it to the Mother Lode, and when it left, it left us with autumn magic in the air.


Annette said...

Your pictures are just beautiful. It isn't always easy to really capture a rainbow but you did. And the beautiful countryside, too!!

Heidi Ann said...

An absolutely beautiful post, both pictures and prose. Lovely.

Jennifer D said...

Just Stunning. Now I know where the pot of gold is... in Kelsey CA! Of course it is Gold Country!

Diane said...


Sunnyana said...

I love your rainbows! Some of them look close enough to touch.