Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy 167th Anniversary Coloma, California!

On January 24th Coloma celebrated the 167th anniversary of the discovery of gold in California. Gold had been discovered other places in California before and would be after, but these nuggets were the "growling"in the gold pan heard 'round the world, as they say.

Above is an aerial view of the South Fork of the American River, with the Henningsen Park in Lotus on the upper left.

A "Miner 49er" plies his trade.

The replica of the saw mill where James Marshall found gold in the mill race was recently demolished.  Another replica was built nearer to the original site.  It will soon be open to the public,

Coloma has managed to retain its post office, while many of the small towns in El Dorado County (including Kelsey, where I live) have lost their identity to the larger towns.

My final photo, by my close friend Cindy, shares some of the natural beauty which makes Coloma golden in more ways than one! Happy anniversary Coloma!


Heidi Ann said...

I've always loved Coloma - and this post was a wonderful tribute to our Gold Discovery site. Thank you!

Cowgirl Boots said...

Oh how I love the vintage post office. I wish my town had one like that.