Friday, January 30, 2015

Then And Now #102: Mrs Butterworths' Helps To Make A Nice Breakfast

Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup is the only kind I ever buy.
We don't even use syrup much in this household, but it's my favorite, and, while it may take us a while to get through a bottle, I do always have it on hand.
Shown below is an advertisement from 1965, and you see Mrs. Butterworth as she looked back "Then":
And another shot of a vintage ad, below:
I'm really glad I saved this glass bottle, seen in the photo below - from at least fifteen years ago, I believe, maybe longer - because now it only comes in plastic bottles.
 I understand that companies need to try and make things less expensively, but I miss glass bottles.
(Especially for mayonnaise!)
So here she is again, as she looked 15 or 20 (?) years ago:
And "Now", you will only find her in plastic bottles, like these:

Kind of a bummer.
Our local stores don't even carry the "Lite" version any more.
 Must not have been a good seller, I guess.
Luckily, syrup seems to keep for a good while, and I had a bottle in the pantry when I felt like making myself some french toast.

I LOVE french toast, and I can't even remember how long it had been since I had made some! I usually make it with sourdough bread, because that's what we normally have on hand.
Milk, egg, cinnamon, and a little vanilla - what a lovely combination.
Dip your bread in and after some time on the griddle, you have....... very nice, and rather delicious breakfast!
Thank you, Mrs. Butterworth!
I shall remain true to you.


Tina Dawn said...

Do they still use Grade A butter? I love her syrup too. We also use the Lite usually, I didn't know she doesn't make that anymore. Delicious post sis! Love T

GSGreatEscaper said...

I'm sorry but there's nothing like real maple syrup! Costs a little more, but you can use less - and it's real food from beautiful sugar maple trees.

farmlady said...

Oh, this looks good. I love French toast with butter and syrup... one of my favorite breakfasts.
I go all the way back to Log Cabin syrup in a little can that looked like a cabin. That was my favorite as a kid. When Mrs. Butterworth came along I was intrigued with the container. (I think the ads made her talk and move.) Now we get what ever generic brands are inexpensive and Lite... but I think I will pick up the little lady Butterworth and thrill my taste buds again. As I recall, it was really thick and wonderful.
Thanks for this delightful post.