Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Like Wicker, Too - Yes, Indeed I Do

Although the Ole Collection of furniture by Stanley is, (and always will be) my favorite, I also have rather a soft spot for wicker furniture, and I love the look of a nice wicker headboard.
I think Snoopy likes it, too:
 I used to look at them longingly when I saw them in the pages of the magazines I read back in the 60's and 70's.
Since I couldn't have my "Ole", I think I'd have been pretty happy to settle for a wicker bed - oh, and a pair of matching side tables or nightstands, too?
Sure! I'll take them!
They're pretty cool, too, after all:
The better to "turn your room on" with, my dear.
Edited on 1/29/15 to add:
Since writing this post I found two more great photos featuring wicker headboards, so I just wanted to add them in here:
Love those headboards in blue and orange!


Hope said...

Wicker...My mum had a large wicker desk and chair as well as a few tables, a mirror and even a table that was an elephant. It was gorgeous and she was ever so proud of it. Most of it came out of the fox and Jacobs model homes my dad worked on.

PS, I have that Snoopy pillow on my bed right now.


Anusha Wickramasinghe Wijetunga said...

I have the same "thing" for rattan! But I love wicker too - it's a traditional material in Sri Lanka and you can find loads of wicker furniture to this day.

Tina Dawn said...

I had a wicker love seat and chaise that I bought at Macy's in 1977. They finally wore out and were thrown away, but I did really like them while they lasted. Love T

Candice said...

I used to have the wicker headboard in the photo of the girl on the red, white and blue flowered bedspread. My headboard came from Tang's Imports. It was natural (unpainted). I don't have it anymore but I do have the Indian print bedspread I used in high school!

Sunnyana said...

I've always loved wicker and wanted a whole room full of it but all I ever got in the 70's was a heart back chair with arms. I finally had to get rid of it a few years ago because it was falling apart. I found my old Seventeen magazines today and when I was thumbing thru one I saw the ad with the white headboard and red, white & blue bedspread!