Friday, January 16, 2015

Ole Again!? You Have Got To Be Kidding Me....

I always try to at least take a quick glance at the book section when I go to the thrift stores.
 I came across a book a couple of weeks ago that looked interesting.
 I knew I didn't have it, and it was cheap, so I brought it home.
Well, guess what I found inside after I got it home and actually really took the time to look through it?
A full page, color - and new to me - photo featuring my favorite furniture EVER, the Ole collection by Stanley!
I was absolutely delighted!
I thought I recognized some of the things, and as it turns out, it is the same room as seen in the black and white photo below.
I shared this photo in my very first post about Ole , (back in 2010)  and it is from a vintage Better Homes And Gardens magazine:
The two pictures are reversed images; I don't care about that.
But, it sure does look a whole lot better in color!
You can see the fabulous, gorgeous furniture, and all of the decorative details in the room, including a little Tree Of Life on the desk, an expanding wall rack (love those!), and the gorgeous rug on the floor.
I have mentioned numerous times how excited I get when I find a new photo of this furniture I have adored for close to fifty years.
You may all think I'm crazy, but this is actually a pretty big deal to me.
I'm obsessed with this furniture.
 Truly - obsessed.
And the book in which I discovered this great new picture?
Better Homes And Gardens Sewing For Your Home:
Oh, thank you Better homes And Gardens, from the bottom of my little Ole-Loving heart.


Tina Dawn said...

Very cute room. I wish my guest room looked like that! I love the little chair on the cover of the book, does it have the instructions inside to make the patchwork cushions for that? Also, another question, is that a curved back on the daybed? I wish it showed the whole bed. Great find! Love T

Diane said...

Very cute and colorful? When is color coming back to decorating? It's been a long drought!

Candice said...

Your knowledge of all things vintage knows no bounds. I have never heard of this furniture before! It does look a whole lot prettier in color!

Which Gold Country Girl is on Instagram these days? Is it you Heidi Ann?

obat ace maxs said...

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