Thursday, January 1, 2015

Time To Change The Calendars - Or Is It??

It's 2015!
 Happy New Year everybody!
So, it's time to get out your new calendars, right?
Or - if you have a perpetual calendar, you are already set to go.
I have wanted one of these vintage calendars from the 1960's (seen below in the first photo) for YEARS.
I finally found one on eBay. The colors on this one would not have been my first choice, but I love it anyway.
 I have seen this calendar pictured in rooms in my vintage Seventeen magazines, and when I find those photos, I will do another post about them and share  the pictures.
The next calendar is 95 years old, and it has been here in this house for about 75 of those years.
 It may be a bit the worse for wear - but it's not going anywhere. It's staying right here.
From my mother-in-law's hometown of Hanford, California:
The Jiffy , A Perpetual Daily Desk Calendar:
I also have this small perpetual calendar that slides onto the edge of a shelf, seen in the photo below.
The Alphonse Mucha calendar by Pomegranate Press is the only new "regular" calendar I have for this year.
 It hangs over my desk - my favorite; I get one every year.
 I got this one for Christmas:
The little vintage calendar was here in the house, as well.
It's old - but I'm not sure how old.
Not in perfect shape, either - but I have no intention of parting with it! Even with a magnifying glass, I cannot make out what the little emblem says on it:
And then, there's this handy little guy:
So, you see - if you have vintage perpetual calendars to use, perhaps you do NOT need to change your calendar(s) today?!
What's YOUR favorite calendar?
Do you have a specific favorite that you get every year, as I do?
Whatever type of calendar you have, let's hope the coming year is a great one for all of you!


Annette said...

Every year I get a calendar of Tuxedo Cats. I have a real one and just love the ones in the pictures on the calendars!! Your calendar collection is very nice!!!

Tina Dawn said...

I used to always get a Mary Engelbreit calendar, but my 2015 calendar this year is outhouses. It just struck my fancy. I have a perpetual calendar from the Methodist Episcopal Church in Placerville which you can see in my post from July 1, 2011, but the year only goes to 1909. I also have one of the little spinning desk calendars like your last one which is permanently attached to a desk lamp. Very enjoyable post. Happy New Year! Love T

Sunnyana said...

I always get a Charles Wysocki calendar for my dining room and the Victoriana calendar for my office. (It always comes with freebie Victorian cards.) Then I have a hard time choosing from all the gorgeous calendars which one I will hang in the kitchen and actually write on. This year I chose the Lang Hummingbirds and I also got an Audubon Wildflower calendar for my bedroom. Happy New Year!!!

Heidi Ann said...

Sunnyana: I know the Wysocki calendars well, they're always fabulous. I used to get Cynthia Hart's Victoriana calendar every year, too, - and I love it, but I realized it was ridiculous to have TWO calendars hanging in my bedroom, since the Mucha one is also in there over my desk! So I quit getting it - but I have saved all of them! I know the Lang Hummingbirds one must be gorgeous!

Penny-Rose said...

I love cats and have a sleeping kitten calendar for this year. A couple of years back both my husband and my parents got me calendars for Christmas - Elvis and Shoes respectively. It was bit awkward for them but I loved them both. I like the idea of a perpetual calendar - especially one which is nearly 100 years old like your one. I am going to make boxes from the pictures from old calendars so I can still enjoy them.