Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cool And Colorful Vintage Stationery From Eaton

I have written before about my love of vintage stationery.
When I came across some pictures and advertisements, I decided to do a post about them.
(In fact, I may do a little series of posts.)
The ones I am showing you today are all from Eaton.
 First, we have these Zodiac note cards:
Here is a vintage ad that shows the same cards, along with other stationery items:
I love the artwork (by "Michal") on this next one; what a fabulous and colorful quilt!
 Very cool:
"Good Enough to Be Eaton" - very clever!
And I really like all of the "food" choices here:
And next up, Eaton's "Fortune Letter Papers" - nice:
"Film Funtasticks" - these are neat, too!
I found this at a thrift store:
Eaton's "Misty Color Folio", a nice tall folio with paper and matching envelopes inside:
Very pretty.
I don't see a lot of vintage stationery at the thrift stores, that's for sure.


Tina Dawn said...

I remember that first Eaton ad, and their stationery. I wrote a lot of letters in my teenage days and had lots of different kinds of stationery. I just hope that my cousin I wrote to saved my letters. I saved all of hers and gave them back to her and was hoping I would get mine back someday. Great post, looking forward to more! Love T

Diane said...

Love them!

Sunnyana said...

I could never resist all the colorful stationery so I bought way more than I ever needed since I didn't write that many letters. I still have most of it. I don't have any you have shown but I always loved the ad with the colorful quilt. I'm sure I cut that ad out and saved it and probably still have a Seventeen with the ad.

Leanne said...

I wrote letters a lot as a pre-teen and teenager. I just found some Current Post-A-Notes from the early 70's that I'm using up this month as part of InCoWrMo (International Correspondence Writing Month), where you write a note or letter to someone every day of February.
LOVE your blog!

Heidi Ann said...

So glad you all enjoyed seeing them, and thank you so much for the nice comments!