Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Vintage Perpetual Calendars I Just Happen To Love

On January 1st of this year, I showed you my perpetual calendar that I was SO happy to have found.
Well - you knew this was coming, didn't you? - I found another one!
 And I like the colors of this one even better:
And will you just take a look at this:
I found "mine" sitting here on this desk, in a photo out of a 1970 decorating magazine from McCall's!
 I think you KNOW how much it tickles me to find my stuff in my vintage magazines!
Here are a few more examples of the colors the calendars came in:

I like all of them.
I wouldn't turn any of them down!
Let's just take a closer look at all the fabulous things that are included in that room I showed you, shall we?
Okay: I want the clocks, the 6-drawer box, the mushroom, the bird sculpture, the "Love" bank, (I LOVE that!), and I do already have that lady bank up in the top shelf.
(I've written about her more than once....)
And here again, below is the first one I found:
And just for kicks, I found this one in an old catalog that came inside of a magazine.
 A different type, but the owl is pretty cute, too, you have to admit!


Tina Dawn said...

Very cute finds. You are going to know what day it is forever... Love T

Sunnyana said...

I like the colors of your newest calendar the best. I too always enjoy finding something I have or had in the pages of a magazine. Nothing in this room picture is exactly like I had but the mushroom reminds me of one I made out of paper mache in the 70's and I had an alarm clock similar to the one shown. It looks like the yellow basket has an assortment of straw flowers.