Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's Big And It's Red, And....

What Is It ??
"Sorry, time's up!
It's the "Valentine"
Valentine, The Brightwriter by Olivetti:
So, this new typewriter in the bright red case (which made others obsolete, so their ad says) was THE cool thing to have back in the Sixties.
I find it interesting that, these days, the thing you want to carry around with you - that could also be in a bright red case, if you so choose - will fit into the palm of your hand.
And you can still type a written message if you want - in an instant, and send it anywhere in the world with a few touches of your finger.
My, how times have changed.


Tina Dawn said...

You are so witty, and so right! I have to say I can type a lot faster on that valentine than I can text on my iphone, though. I thought it was a garbage can! LOL. Love T

Tina Dawn said...

One more thing, will you comment on my Weds. post so I am not so sad... I would like to think at least one person liked it. Love T

Annette said...

That is one gorgeous typewriter!