Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pardon Me, But Isn't That A Tree ON YOUR HOUSE??

Why, yes - yes, it is:
We got a LOT of rain over the weekend.
During Sunday evening's storm, there were loud claps of thunder, lightning, pouring rain - the works!
I was fixing dinner, and we heard a loud boom.
 It almost just sounded like the loudest thunder - honestly, not unlike something we've heard before.
You know - the kind of thunder that seems to shake the house?
But I suspected it was something more this time.
We both ran outside in the rain, in different directions.
It was dark, but not completely at that point.
Yep, a tree fell onto the house.
This was the view from our bathroom window the next morning:
Believe it or not, we were unbelievably lucky.
It could have been a LOT worse!
 No windows broken, and the roof was not punctured nor damaged - only the gutters where the tree fell.
Less than twenty-four hours later, a group of three nice young men (who have done other work for us in the past) had carefully removed the tree, cut all of it up, and hauled it all away.
Like I said, we were VERY lucky.


Sunnyana said...

Wow! You really were lucky! I can't believe the roof wasn't damaged. Where I live one tree split a living room in half and a creek flooded a friends yard, garage, and one room in the house. We really need the rain but too much at one time isn't good and the wind we can do without. So thankful you and your house are okay.

Candice said...

Considering being hit by a falling tree can kill you, you were lucky! Glad you roof is okay too! I have a friend whose son was nearly killed (and was badly injured) by a falling tree in Sedona, AZ when he was a little boy.

Candice said...
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Georgia Peachez said...

uh, yeah!

lorlore said...

So glad all was ok and speedy fix!!!!

EM said...

So glad it's all okay. I remember when a tree split and hit our house in a storm. Scary! Glad there was no major damage!

Tina Dawn said...

I am very happy you and your home are okay. I guess that tree was about 70 years old and ready to meet its maker. Maybe you can plant a new tree with your grandsons and make a little ceremony out of it. Love T

GSGreatEscaper said...

So glad no one was hurt!