Saturday, February 21, 2015

"I'm Chiquita Banana...."

...."and I'm here to show you my cute vintage recipe book"
I have had this vintage book for a long time, but it sort of got lost in the shuffle, and I came across it on a shelf last week.
It's from 1956, and just too darned cute:
Tips on bananas:
Suit the color to use:
Sing a little song:
Have a banana milk shake:
Or, how about some Banana Oatmeal Cookies?
Banana Tea Muffins more your style?
I don't have any bananas on hand at the moment, but I'm kind of wishing I did have!


Tina Dawn said...

The recipes look good, and I love all the colorful illustrations. Love T

EM said...

Once the slightest little bit of brown appears, they start getting too mushy for my tastes. I have to buy them totally green if I want to be able to eat the whole bunch as they ripen. Love the post. I think those banana oatmeal cookies sound yummy!