Monday, February 23, 2015

Patterns From The Past: McCall's # 5441 - A Vintage Blouse Of My Own

Today's pattern is from McCall's, a blouse pattern, number 5441.
 I actually showed this pattern before, back in May of 2011.
(Click here to go back and read that post, if you like.)
 Here's a close-up of one of the styles shown on the pattern front:
This one, another of McCall's "Carefree Patterns", dates back to 1977.
You know, I really DID think that pattern looked kind of familiar:
 Here's the back:
 So, guess what I dug out of a box of LONG-stored away clothing recently?
That would be this:
Yep, it's a blouse made from the pattern, all right:
I'm pretty sure Lori made it for me MANY years ago.
Like, back in 1977.
I used to pay her to sew for me.
You can see that an embroidered vintage handkerchief was used to make the little bodice portion, as suggested on the pattern:
A simple and pretty little floral print in cotton for the body of the blouse:
Oh, and eyelet trim - I LOVE me some eyelet!

So - get this - if it appears to be pristine, that's because it is.
It has never been worn.
Because it's never been hemmed.
Guess I couldn't even handle doing that by myself.
Good grief.


Tina Dawn said...

That's so funny, I knew I didn't recognize it! I hope she got paid. LOL. It would have looked nice with eyelet on the hem. Or still would... Love the fabric. Love T

lorlore said...

OMG!!!! I remember now and there is a swatch of the fabric in my 4H book from long ago!!! Also what is so interesting is that, in my packing yesterday, I came across the pattern and fabric that I had recently decided to make it again. Too funny!!!!

Sunnyana said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with unfinished sewing projects from years ago! I also have one with a hankie on the front but mine is a camisole top, something there is no way I could ever wear now even if I did finish it!