Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lounge Chair Road Trip No. 4: Fiddletown and Plymouth, Amador County, California

Good morning, Tina here. It was very wet around here last weekend, the wind was wild and the roads were flooded, and it made me want to go for a drive for some perverse reason. But I couldn't. So I got out my postcard collection and went for a "trip" to the county next door.

First stop Fiddletown. I love that place, and have to do a more comprehensive post on it one of these days. I have many vintage postcards, the one above is my most recent purchase, and the only one I have on my computer. Behind the picket fence on the left is the most wonderful old home.

Once Fiddletown is explored, it is just a jaunt down the road to Plymouth. Home to a great County Fair, where you can watch a log being milled into boards, and some great up-and-coming restaurants, It is a lovely little town which also has some very nice old homes.

Again, the only postcards I have on my computer right now. But kick back in your lounge chair and take a little time to use your imagination. Stroll with the ladies above and hitch a ride in a wagon. Enjoy!


Heidi Ann said...

I had the distinct pleasure of eating at one of those Plymouth restaurants last year, "Taste", and loved it! I want to go back!
I always love seeing the old photos and postcards that you show us in these types of posts.
And I can honestly say that it does make me long for a simpler time.
Thank you for sharing!

lorlore said...

Nice postcards of past times locally!!!!