Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cannon Sunflower Power! A Great Vintage Find...

I first showed you this the Cannon advertisement from 1970 (below) in a post I wrote about Cannon towels back in 2009.
It's from a vintage Seventeen magazine, as are many of the things I write about.
I felt lucky to find this queen size sheet in the pretty blue and green flower design at a thrift store two years ago:
I didn't find out until recently that the name of the pattern is "Sunflower":
I almost squealed audibly when I found this bedspread at a thrift store about a week ago:
Yep, it was just sitting there - waiting for ME, perhaps one of the only people in this town who would recognize and appreciate it!
The bed in our guest room is full size:
I think a total makeover for the guest bed is in order - very soon!
(I just threw it over the bed to take the photo.)
I want to iron it first, and I'm hoping I can find a couple of simple toss pillows that will look decent on it - preferably vintage.
It has fringe all around, and it's in surprisingly good condition (for a forty-five year old bedspread), which made me very happy.
I only wish I had the sheet set in the picture below, to go on the bed with it:
I didn't even know that it also came in orange and yellow....
And pink and orange, too!
I can't even stand it.
I love every single one of these color combos; I think these vintage sheets are FABULOUS.


Diane said...

Those sure are fab! Very cool!

Tina Dawn said...

I like all the color combinations too, but the one you have found is the best! Perhaps you can still use the queen sheet on the full bed, just tuck it in more? Love T

Jill said...

What a find!!!!!! It surely was waiting just for you!

Jennifer D said...

You are incredible. I can't believe how these wonderful things find you!

Candice said...

I love these too! I must have seen them back in my younger days. I can imagine me having the blue and green and sister Alice having the pink and orange!

Georgia Peachez said...

Girrrl, that is my absolute fav too. It inspired me to paint dining room chairs and a bar stool. My current chairs are slipcovered with these sheets. Oh, and a little shelf in my kitchen too!

Rosie said...

You lucky girl! These are so beautiful!love rosie

Penny-Rose said...

wow these patterns and colours are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I found your post while searching for this pattern! I had this twin sheet set in red and blue when I was little (red flowers/blue background). Wanted to let you know about that color combination existing!