Thursday, February 19, 2015

Before And After

Just a couple of little things today...
I found a small bag full of assorted hand-painted animal ornaments  from Mexico at a thrift store.
 I liked them, but I didn't much care for the matte finish on them:
I don't know whether you can really even tell the difference between the photos, but I coated them with some Mod Podge, and now they are glossy, and I like them much better.
There was a cute little red ladybug, too - but I gave that to my friend Heidi.
And I also rescued this kind of sad-looking and dusty vintage covered glass jar from a thrift shop:
"Viva Of California
 Original Specialties
 We're Designing For You"
Sorry, Viva, but I didn't care much for the design.
I removed the little dried flower arrangement (saving some of the little flowers), washed the jar and lid, and used it as a candy jar to hold Hershey's Kisses for Valentine's Day, instead!
Much better.


lorlore said...

Love the rescued finds!!!!

Beth said...

I found a mushroom jar filled with ugly dried flowers. I couldn't save any of the flowers...not that I wanted to...because they were glued in there good, but your jar reminds me of that find. Yours is much prettier now. My favorite ornament is the owl and I do like them better with the glossy finish. Great finds!

Tina Dawn said...

Nice finds! Love T