Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Baker's Coconut Cakes #7 - The Umbrella

I haven't done one of my posts in this series for a while, so today we have "The Umbrella", from "Cut-Ups", A Book of Celebration Cakes By Baker's Coconut, published in 1970.
Why an umbrella today, you say?
Well, as it happens, we are experiencing beautiful weather here right now in the Gold Country of northern California, and while I am enjoying it (because how can you not?), I am also hoping for some more rain at the same time!
We have not had anywhere near enough rain or snow to even come close to helping our serious drought problem.
 So, I say - bring it on!
(All I ask? No more falling trees, please.)
 And if you would like to bake an umbrella cake of your very own, we have here the directions for the cake's construction:
It certainly WOULD make a charming centerpiece!

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Tina Dawn said...

Discard shaded pieces down throat of nearest child. LOL. Love T