Friday, February 13, 2015

Charmed, I'm Sure: Vintage Ads From Monet

I know some of you ladies out there probably like to get jewelry for Valentine's Day, so in honor of that, I'm sharing some vintage advertisements for charms by Monet.
After all, "It's ValenTime!"
(I wish it we could still find them at those prices!)
Here's the ad featuring Susan Dey again (I've shown it before)
And a few more advertisements - these are all from the sixties and seventies (and if you happen to know the name of the model in the first picture at the top of my post, please let me know!).
 Those are some pretty nice-looking charm bracelets!
 "How to Live a Charmed Life".
Are any of you familiar with the song "A Charmed Life" by Diana Krall?
 It was featured in a  Christmas commercial for Target Stores years ago, and I love it.
I have it on a CD, but I was bummed when I couldn't find it on iTunes.
I like their little rhymes - "A clown to chase frowns and keep your heart light; A camera that pictures a future that's bright."
Very sweet.
Here's wishing you a sweet and bright  holiday weekend - and a bright and sweet future, too, for that matter!


Tina Dawn said...

I love all those charms! Especially the bird and the Alladin's lamp. I don't know the model's name but I used to have her hair style. LOL. Love T

Melanie said...

These are the cutest ads ever! I never would have guessed that is Susan Dey.