Saturday, February 28, 2015

More Vera Neumann Finds

Today, I have five Vera Neumann scarves to show you.
All of these have been purchased recently at thrift shops.
The first one here is my favorite:
It was tough to get a good photo of the next one.
 It's that semi-sheer sort of fabric  - I want to call it chiffon - I finally had to just fold it over on top of itself; this was the best I could do:
These two were found in the same shop:
Finding more than one at a time is always nice!
Loving the sun:
The last one, here below with the stripes has lovely colors, but unfortunately it also has a few spots.
I never know if they'll come out, and I have had colors run before, so I am always kind of afraid to even try to treat the stains!
Then again, even the ones with a bit of damage or small stains are pretty.
I mean: they're vintage, they're Vera, they've already got a LOT going for them, right?


Tina Dawn said...

Very nice! Love T

Diane said...

Love the sun one too. Been a very long time since I found a Vera around here.

Jill said...

All so pretty! The Vera scarves have pretty well been extinct here over the winter, some thrifts only have wool scarves out so I'm hoping for lots come spring!!