Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Great Frame-Up

I'm always framing things, either for myself or to put in the shop, so here's the latest round.
"Tom, He Was A Piper's Son":
I picked up this tiny yellow frame at a thrift shop, and I was sure I could find something to put inside.
The little vintage iron-on transfer with my initial on it works for now:
Oh, the glare from the glass on this next one!
 Well, I couldn't get a very good picture, but you get the idea.
As long as these gorgeous Red Wing sheet music prints keep selling, I'll keep right on framing them:
I got a bit wiser with these next two, and took my photos before I put the glass in and finished them up.
I had my little Irish lass photocopied over a vintage piece of music;
I like the way it turned out:
And this is the sweetest little scene, below, isn't it?
It's called "Baby's First Ride", and it was a card that had some damage on it.
 I just happened to have a mat that was just the right size so that I could cover up the damage and put it in a frame:
Very sweet.


Tina Dawn said...

Always love Redwing! I wish Aunt Kathy still did her St. Patricks dinner, she would have loved the dancing girl. Love T

Annette said...

You do a good job of framing. Love the Redwing! The Irish gal turned out well.