Saturday, March 7, 2015

More Colorful Interiors

Here are a few more pictures of very colorful interiors.
As usual, I find myself wanting many of the things seen on the shelves, surfaces and walls in this photo below:

I want the lady head pin cushion, the colorful boxes, the mushrooms the bird print on the wall....   oh, who am I kidding?
I'll take it ALL.
Lots more color in the picture below:
That tree fabric is cute and bright, and there is a lot of room on those shelves for books and collections - works for me!
It's pretty much all about orange in this cozy living room corner in the next photo.
"Eggplant" paint on the wall, the orange and pink upholstery on the sectional sofa and the wood stove straight out of the Space Age, along with the shaggy rug combine to make a space that I think I'd be happy to spend the evening in.
I say, bring on the fondue pot!
In the last example, they used two wildly colorful fabrics all over.
Now, that'll brighten up a space real quick, won't it?
Now, the decor in every room seen here today might not be what I would choose - but what I do like is COLOR.
Can't get enough of it.
Have a bright and beautiful day!


Tina Dawn said...

My bedroom when I was in high school was colorful like that, except the curtains weren't lovely fabric, just plain. I wish I could go back in time and change them! LOL. Love T

Diane said...

Need I say I love it??

Sunnyana said...

I love all the bright colors, especially the last photo. I always wanted bentwood chairs like those shown but never was able to get any. Are the flowers on the table on the right side that are barely showing the kind that are made of wire dipped in a colored film? It looks like they are. My cousin used to make them. They were quite fragile so I'll bet it would be hard to find any that have survived all these years.

Stray Cat said...

I just found the lady head pin cushion recently at a local Goodwill. And I thought of you and your love of this type of collectible! Love these interiors!