Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Few Finds With a French Theme

Just a few finds today,with a French - or, more specifically, Parisian theme.
I found a lovely scarf, perhaps purchased in Paris as a souvenir, with the Eiffel Tower and other French landmarks prominently featured:
I got this large and beautiful book, below "Parisian Interiors", "By The Editors of Elle Deco" which had an original price of fifty dollars when new.
This gorgeous book has 275 pages and was published in 2008, an updated version of the original "Insider's Paris", published in 2003 and authored by Jean Demachy and Francois Baudot.
I paid twenty-five cents for mine:
 I photocopied an old piece of sheet music from 1918 and it fit into this vintage frame perfectly:
The frame is from the 1930's, and I purchased it at an estate sale with a photo of a distinguished gentleman inside.
 I had actually tried in vain to sell it with the vintage photograph intact because the frame is such an unusual size that I didn't know what would ever work as a replacement. It sat in the shop for a good long while.
It seems nobody wanted my frame with the unknown gentleman inside.
Luckily for me, the sheet music back at that time was made in a smaller format to conserve paper for the war efforts, and when I copied it I was tickled to find that it was a perfect fit.
Now, with the Eiffel Tower and also a Black Americana theme (by the way, the words to this particular song are most certainly NOT politically correct), maybe I will be able to sell it now.
And I have just one more find to share - this vintage copy of "Hugo's French Simplified", also with the Eiffel tower on the cover:
 That's it for today, and my French-themed thrift finds.
(Say those last four words five times real fast - you may find it's easier to start learning French!)


EM said...

C'est magnifique!

Tina Dawn said...

Pretty nice finds! Love the scarf! Love T